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Bring the social media activity of your community to the next level!

HASHWALL creates interaction during your event by streaming live social media updates on your screens.

Choose your hashtags and networks.

Use HASHWALL at your event.

Watch the activity of your fans grow.

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Hashwall on monitors and projectors

Plug and play everywhere

HASHWALL can run anywhere you want. Whether you want it at your reception desk, your entrance hall, your boardroom, your employees room, at the annual conference, a press conference or an important event. Just connect a projector to a computer or laptop connected to the internet and off you go!

Adaptive from top to bottom.

HASHWALL is able to adapt to any screen size you can possibly think of.
So you don’t have to worry about which devices your audience is using.

HASHWALL on mobile devices

Facebook page integration.

HASHWALL can easily be integrated into your own Facebook page. This gives your fans the opportunity to check what’s going on with you or your company without ever leaving Facebook. Your audience will stay on your fan page longer which will lead to increased activity.

Who's using HASHWALL

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Powerful management and simple usage.

HASHWALL is powerful but also very simple to use. A userfriendly-designed dashboard lets you manage your HASHWALL settings easily. It lets you select the keywords you want to see and those you don’t, chose your subscription plan, manage several HASHWALLs at a time, and many more.

HASHWALL also comes with moderation in mind, so you can easily block individual posts or users that you don't want to see.

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